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Manage the videos of the iPhone 3GS is not so easy. Part 1 of 3: all is ok with pics

27 juillet 2009

Taking pictures with iPhone is very attractive. It give me lot of fun.
Photos are managed like a charme by this wonderfull Apple product.
Have a look…
1. Take the picture
2. View the photo in the camera roll by touching screen
3. Whaaa!
4. Sync with your mac or pc
5. IPhone is detected like a camera
6. Pics are imported in your photos library
7. Your software ask to flush the camera roll… You say ‘yes’
8. iTunes put pics from your library to your iPhone
9. Enjoy your pics
10. Waw!
It’s works very, very well. We share the same iPhoto library with my wife and can enjoy pics from both.
And about sync vids?

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