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The Curse of the RedWhite Scorpion

13 août 2009

Red strips on white background or white strips on red background?
Oooooohhh, Nnnnnoooooo! Can’t agree!
It’s red strips and white strips stuck’d in parallel. We can’t know the color of the background.
Do you know that bees see ultraviolet colors. I think that probably it’s a miriad of pixels you’re looking at the screen of your computer… Or do you have an iPhone? You know… It has a 160 DPI display. It’s more than your 116 DPI MacBook Pro.
For me… It’s just a picture taken with an iPhone. Don’t really see Colors…I’m colour-blind.
What? You are colour-blind?
No. Not me. Just the person I’m supposed to be in the dialog.
Oh… You know what? I’m a Woody Allen’s fan.

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