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What do you do when you don’t do your jogging?

15 septembre 2009

It’s an important question.
During your work you do lot of differents things.
Check a new web infrastructure.
Looking for new retailers
Prepare a budget
Design a new organization unit
Think about a New hi-speed FO Network to transport huge multimedia files
Drink a coffee with a partner
Have a break
Move from one building to other
Check your email
Read some RSS news
Sync your iPhone
Make phone call to communicate a good news
Dream about something very cool you can’t say here
Walk, walk, walk…
Step, step, step.

 4’136 meters
5’909 steps
All day long… Without thinking to… I was walking in my office building.
All day long… My iPod Nano with podometer ON counts my IT man steps.
30 grams in my pocket… I love it.

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